As I said in my post, “Spring!”, painting is a great thing to do when you are bored. This weekend, Amber and I decided to take on a little project and paint the back of our murphy bed in the art/guest room. If you ask me, it is looking quite good, but I’m going to let you guys be the judge of that. Below I have included some pictures of how it is looking so far. We still have to paint 2 more squres.





We used painters tape to get the lines so straight. All you really have to do is think of a cool pattern and then place down the tape to form the designs. Then you paint over it. The project above has been taking us all weekend. I will show a picture of the painting when  it is fully done.


Spring is here…well, almost. March 20, to be exact! When flowers start to bloom, when daylight stays longer and longer, and when it starts to get warmer! Many people think that spring and fall are bad seasons because in spring it is still chilly and in fall there is hardly any daylight. But I, however, think the opposite. There are so many fun activities you can do in the spring time, and so little time, so start moving!

Flowers, Soustons, France by  lambertwm

Flowers, Soustons, France by lambertwm

Five fun activities to do in the springtime:

  1. Garden. Spring is the perfect time to start getting your garden ready for summer. Get some flower seeds and an indoor planter and start growing your flowers. Then, when it is warm enough, take them out and plant them in your garden outside!
  2. Start a dog  walking business. Many people may think that spring is still just to chilly for them to be outside. Here is your opportunity spend some time out in nature, help local citizens and maybe make a bit of money. Create some posters and pin them up around town. Put down your phone number or email address so if people are interested, they can contact you somehow.
  3. Paint. Spring is full of beautiful images and scenes. Go somewhere where you know you could find nice pictures like at the marina, the beach, a grass field, or even just outside in your garden. Take pictures of things that interest you and you would want to paint. Then, when you go home, look at the pictures that you took and decide on one that you would want to paint.
  4. Get outside! Grab you bike, roller blades, scooter or any other thing you could use outside. Call some friends and invite them over, and just have fun outside!
  5. Bake. Bake something fun, like cupcakes or cookies. You could even make a cake with the words “Yay, it’s spring!” written on the top in icing, which is bound to get people in the happy, cheerful, springtime mood. You could invite a friend over to come decorate with you, and spread the fun!
You could you possibly remain bored this spring, if there is so much stuff that you could do. So get up, bounce around, and be happy, because spring is near!

Summer is over, School is back!

Hi Everyone! Welcome back!

It is the start of a new year, and we all know that at the start of something new, it means an end to something the happened right before.

Pencil crayons!

Back to school!

What happened before the new school year: Summer!

What happens now at the end of summer? School!

3 great things that happened in the summer: I went to California with my family and a camper, I went to camp with my friend Meghan and I spent as many of the few nice days we had at the beach or camping!

3 great thing I look forward to about the new school year: Blogging as much as I can, meeting new friends, and participating in activities such as the caribou math contest, track and field, and the spelling bee!
Over all, I look back at the fantastic summer, and the great year ahead! 
How was your summer? What do you look forward to about the upcoming year?
Leave a comment below!

Image credit: Colores by Jose A. Madrid

Road trip!

Hi everyone!

Are you all enjoying your summer? I sure am! This Friday, me and my family are leaving for a road trip to California! Road trips can be boring, so I decided to share a couple of fun ideas you can do while sitting in the car.

1. “12345” is a a great game you can play with your family while driving. How to play: One person in your family starts by saying the number one. The next person says 2, and the next says 3, and so on. Sounds easy, right? Now here is the catch. You can not say the number 5, or any number that is a multiple of five, or has the number five in it! When a number like this comes along, you have to say beep. If you say the number instead of beep, you are out!

2. “Signs” is another great game. How to play: As you are driving, you normally see lots and lots of road signs, right? Start with the letter A. You now have to look for a road sign that has a picture of something that starts with the letter A on it, or has a word that starts with the letter A. You go alphabetically, so after A, comes B. Now you have to look for a sign that has something that starts with the letter B on it!

3. I always bring a binder that has paper, pencils, pencil crayons, and an eraser in it. A sharpener may also come in handy. When you feel like drawing or writing down something, you can just open or binder and everything you need is in it!

4.  Bringing a pillow and blanket is a very smart choice. This way, when you are driving late at night, you can sleep comfortably.

5. I like to bring a portable DVD player, or a book, so I can read or watch a movie when we are stuck in a huge ferry line-up or in a traffic jam. For those don’t get car sick easily can also read and watch a movie while the car is actually moving!

6. Last but not least, I always like to bring something I can figit with, such as a peice of silly putty. Think of all the creations you can make with it!

Some of these activities you can also do on a plane, or ferry! What are some things you like to do on a road trip? Leave a comment with your ides!


Going to the beach is fun. Camping is awesome…but, going to the beach with your whole class and then camping overnight at the most beutiful place ever is just out of the world…and would you believe we did this with our whole class?

We were all at the campsite sitting by the fire. I felt the heat against my face. It was starting to get dark, and we just had begone. I heard Jordan make a catastrophe over a hair in is burger ( Just for the skit, not for real) and looked around at everyone in the class and realized that we have the best class ever. Nobody is mean, nobody is excluded, and everyone is friends with everyone.

Camping was an awesome exerience. It was only for one night, but it was still so fun. Have you ever had such an out of this world experiance?

Leave a comment below!

Edited by Reid and Arwen


Feel the cold ocean breeze, see the wonderful scenery, and smell the salty ocean water. You are sailing.

For the past few weeks, our class has been going sailing every Thursday and Friday with Compass Adventure. It has been very fun. Unfortunately, we used up all our eight days. Our who class learned a lot while sailing. it was a great experience.

We went out sailing in groups of four on Hobie Cats. When you go sailing in groups of four, you usually have one person as the rudder, one person as the mast, and two people on lookout. The lookout may also be used for paddling.

As I mentioned before, I learned a lot during this experience. Here are some thing I learned.

I learned…

1. When sailing, it is a lot about wind. You need wind to sail. Weather is also important. You need to know the weather for safety reasons. What if you are out on the water during thunder and lightning? As you know, water attracts lighting. It wouldn’t be good to be on the ocean during that type of storm. I learned all about how we get our weather. our weather gets blow here to Comox from Hawaii. As the clouds blow across the pacific ocean they pick up moisture so when the clouds reach Tofino, they are big and black, and ready to pour rain. they go up the mountains and pour out rain, so when it gets to Comox, there is little rain.

2.  Instead of saying push the tiller bar, or pull the tiller bar, you say head up, you say beer away. When you beer away, you pull the tiller bar, and when you head up, you push the tiller bar.

3. It is something I recommend all of you try one day, because it is just so fun!

Have you ever gone sailing, or have something you recommend I try? Leave a comment below for what ever reason you want!

Edited by Meghan and Maya


You feel the wind plowing in your face, you hear the crowd below cheering, and you see the bright orange umbrella like parachute above you. Where are you? You are parachuting!

Today, some people from SAR (Search and Rescue) came to our school…by parachute! Three parachuters bravely jumped out of a plane high up in the air and steered down to our school, moving very fast. When they started to get close to the ground, they repositioned themselves so they could land safely. Everyone started to clap, once we saw they landed okay. The big question that came to my mind is… would I ever do such thing?



My answer: Yes
I think it would be a great experiance, to jump out of a plane. Of course it isn’t the same as jumping out of a plane when you are going to vacation and are on a plane with lots of other people. No, I am talking about being in a plane that is prepared for this stunt. Obviously, I would use a parachute…because well, if I didn’t it would be basicly comitting suicide. I think it would be fun, but there is a few things I would be scared of such as A: What if my parachute doesn’t open when I need it? B: What if I don’t land on target? That is why I would want to wait until I am way older and have learned how to parachute.

Why might people have to parachute? Maybe to rescue people. I am not sure I would want to be a search and rescue tech because of all the dangers looking for people in the middle of nowhere.

Would you parachute?

Photo Credit: Re(a)d(y) to Land by deymosD
Edited by Meghan and Amber



As you have all probably noticed, I have been neglecting my blog for a while. Everything has just been so busy… but, now I’m back!

Look outside. What do you see? I see a bright blue sky, lush green grass, and beautiful flowers. This can only mean one thing… summers on it’s way! My favorite part about summer is going camping. My family and I do a lot of camping by lakes.  I also like going to the beach and swimming, because there is no better way to cool of during summer than at the beach.



There are a lot more activities to do this summer, such as going to the outdoor pool. During the summer, try to stay inside the least. An outdoor swimming pool is a great way to have fun while outside. Going on hikes are also great. You get to be out in the nature all day.

Those are just a few of my favorite things to do through summer. What are some of  yours? Please leave a comment below with your ideas!

Edited by: Maya and Jack
Photo Credit: an universe within the sun by dsevilla

Free and fair?

Jane here reporting with HNN, Huzzahnian News Network.

Lots of people who live in Canada have probably heard about the federal

Putting the ballot into the box

Putting the ballot into the box

election that happened on May 2, 2011…but did any of you hear about the Huzzanian Goodwill council election? This election took place on May 2nd, as well as the federal one. But, the main question is…was this election free and fair?

Yes, I think it was. Why?

  • It was private
  • You could choose who you voted for
  • Nobody could influence you to vote otherwise, and those who did got caught and faced consequences
  • There was no advertising in the polling station
  • Nobody got to look at your vote
All of the candidates

All of the candidates

In this election, there were six parties with each a running candidate. There was Meghan: LMAD, Jack: The Happy Party, Keenan: Change, Max: The Rasta Party, Molly: WCH, Darion: DADA. Each of these candidates were great, but…unfortunately only three of them would become part of the Goodwill Council. After the vote, we established that Max, Jack, and Meghan were elected.

That, is why I think this election was free and fair.

Edited by Laina